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Hotel Navaratna by Omatra Coimbatore rooms feels the Midas touch of hospitality. If you search for Treebo navaratna or Oyo Navaratna now you will see the best economy hotels in Coimbatore under Omatra Hotel’s portfolio. Navaratna in Tamil is a Sanskrit compound word meaning nine gems. Jewellery created in this style has important cultural significance in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism among the other religions. Now if you are looking for top 10 hotels in Coimbatore or hotels in Gandhipuram get the best price to stay, experience the hospitality and express check in, sit back in the clean and tidiest rooms and relax with the best hospitality. Many a times you must be wondering about good hotels in Coimbatore, people also search us with Navaratna residency in coimbatore to get a comfortable room for their family, Hotel Navaratna By Omatra is a family hotel. When everything you wanted is just one click away, open your browser search for hotels in Coimbatore- little Italy in India, you will see the best hotel deals in Coimbatore, opt for the best restaurants in rs puram, its just one more click away Hotel Navaratna By Omatra RS Puram very near town hall, hotel aishwarya park, Johnson tiles, decor point, Cock ra restaurant, n r hospital, R s hospital, adayar anandha bhavan, rs puram post office, Rajshree Mahindra, hotel fortune suites, hr residency, kvb bank, mrf tyres etc... Welcome to the happening part of city centre RS puram in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Watch movies and do shopping in the nearest Brookefields shopping mall, listen to your favorite music and cinemas in Baba cinemas, have a drive to Isha Yoga Center in Booluvampatti, lower down the room temperature, switch off your mobile, enjoy tasteful home style cooking at our Agate restaurant and have a good night sleep in the room at our cosy spring bed. Good Night.....

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